Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm in Korea suckas.

So it's been about 11days since I've arrived in Korea. And let me tell you that I'm having a blast. Not going to lie, I kinda feel like the Korean Brad Pitt out here.
I'm starting to take a liking to the Korean girls. I have never dated a Korean chick but hope to change that soon. I take a particular liking to Korean-American(Kyopo) girls that speak Korean. There is something about it that I find very sexy.
I've had a few great nights on the town, and planning on a few more. If you get kicked out of a bar in Korea you better check yourself into an AA meeting stat!
One Particular night after a night of boozing I stumbled across a Mexican food place. I didn't think twice about walking in and getting a burrito. It reminded me of home and getting a midnight bite with drunk college friends. I got my burrito and took a bite into it. The first thing that came to mind was WTF! Instead of Mexican style rice the burrito was full of Korean sticky rice. At this point I just chalked it up to a burrito in Korea. After all I had a pizza with brocolli, potates and steak on it with a side of sweet pickles... Anyways back to my story. As I labored away at this sticky rice burrito I looked up and noticed the effin cook was Mexican! WTF! Why was my burrito so effed up? By this time the last round of shots from the bar started to kick in and quickly frogot about the Mexican guy and this sticky rice burrito I was eating.
My stomach was full but the taste buds were un-satisfied. As the freezing Korean air hit my face I began to sober up a little, and thought to myself... How the eff did that Mexican guy make it to the middle of Seoul, South Korea? Did some shady ass Korean guy buy him off the black market? I guess I'll never know, becuase I'm never going back. That was the shittiest burrito I've ever had.

Disclaimer: I am Niether racist nor a d-bag. The content of this blog may not be entirely true. Real names were not used for my protection and the protection of others. Stay tuned cause I'm sure I'll have plenty more of these.

Coming up next: First day of training, My foriegn exchange student hair cut and the sex bar... haha Sike!